May 15, 2011

Erm, hi.

     I have Grand Dreams of Being an Author, and need to force myself to write more. A blog seeemed like the easiest way to go.
     This will also be a really good excuse to natter on about my obsession hobby fondness for swashbuckling adventures, which include but are not limited to Robin Hood, Star Wars, anything steampunk, the Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, pirates and King Arthur. Yes, yes, I know that LOTR and King Arthur are more epic than swashbuckling, but I like epics too, and most have distinct swashbuckling elements.
     You should probably know RIGHT NOW that I also dearly love backstory, hence the reason for the genesis of this blog in the very first sentence.
     The main topic will probably not be chickens or Star Wars, however, but knitting, this one rule to be broken in all directions as often as I wish. Oddly enough, I'm not as interested in the marvelous history of knitting as in the cool things fiber can do. What happens if you knit bulky as small as you possibly can? What does a shawl motif look like as the yoke for a cardigan? What does it look like when you throw a whole bunch of muted greens together with one shockingly bright pink? Am I really brave enough to do Fair Isle? Will I be crazy enough to try socks? TO BE CONTINUED!

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