Free Pattern!

Are you looking for the Fangorn Pocket Pouch? Here you go!

Fangorn Pocket Pouch(photo soonish)
A small pouch to hide your secrets, as Fangorn hid the Ents...
Yarn: Any browns and greens, really. Scraps/mini balls will do.
Needles: I used US 6.
Gauge: Dosen't matter.

CO 14, leaving a longish tail of at least a foot to sew up at the end.
Rib in K2 P2 for 5 inches, ending on a wrong side row and leaving a longish tail to sew up the other side later.
Seed Stitch in green (K1, P1) 6 rows.
You will now begin the decreases: K1, P3TOG, (K1,P1) to the last four stitches, K3TOG, P1.
1 row Seed Stitch.
Work the above two rows one more time, for a total of two repeats.
Buttonhole Row: P1, K1, P1, make one, yarnover, K1, P1, K1.
K1, P3TOG, K3tog, P1.
1 row Seed Stitch.
K2TOG, cut yarn, pass yarn through rem. st.
Decide which side you like best.
Pass yarn tail through buttonhole for a cleaner look, and weave in on wrong side.
Sew up sides and enjoy!