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About Moi
I am dappertophatter on ravelry and flickr. Friend me! Talk to me! Give me compliments!
Age? A lady never reveals her age.
Favorite food? I enjoy candy, but will not take it from strangers.
Mad skillz? Calligraphy, avian husbandry, basic singing/painting, can set a formal table for six, reads 150+ pages an hour, mediumish sewing skills, poor spinner, wicked good embroiderer, medium-skilled knitter, can't crochet, decent photographer. There's more, but ladies never brag. That's enough information for one day.

Contact Me
Have I inadvertently misinformed you? Included an anachronistic element? HORRORS! Have you found a typo? Give me a shout over at misskbros AT gmail DOT com and I will a) ignore you or b) do my very best to fix it.