Jul 16, 2011

a slice of citrus

I am Getting my Act Together in a Big Way, for Christmas Production has started!

I laugh at you, holiday crunchtime1, I LAUGH!2

Citron is also laughing, but at me, for I had forgotten how many miles of stockinette it consists of. I've been coming home, showering, and crashing with a movie and Citron. So far, I've watched:

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (entertaining)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (meh)
Key Largo (very good)
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (dorky)
Chicken Run (hysterically good)
Robin Hood (still don't know how I feel about this one)

This is apparently nearly seven hours of knitting, according to my calculator. I'm only in the fourth repeat. *headdesk*

1 Apparently this Christmas will be the Hat Chrstmas- my five-item long list has three hats. Five items, five lucky people, for I r selfish knittar. 
2 Must learn how to do proper footnotes. Anywho, the County Fair is sucking all my brainpower. Blog posts may tend to the nonsensical.

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