Jul 21, 2011

steampunk and yarn

     I lunched at the nearby mall on the way home from AC Moore's a day or two ago, and stopped at Claire's. Now, I normally don't even favor it with a passing glance as I go by because it has entirely too much of a twee sugar-bowl feeling for me, plus the tiny fact that I'm way outside their demographics, but I nearly walked into their display of aviator caps. Which got my attention, as good displays are supposed to do, and I walked out with these.

     Very steampunk, which suprised me greatly. Poor things were crammed next to all manner of Hello Kitty objects items things.   
     I also stopped off at one of my favorite thrift stores and walked out with these:
Top is a very steamy clock print, under that is an elderly Vera Wang, under THAT is an Interesting Textile, and the bottom one is a decidedly mulberry hand-knitted square shawl.

     I nearly forgot this (cone 'o fuzzy baby-blue laceweight currently decootifying in my freezer):

     All for $2. I have rotten luck with Large Life-Changing Events in General, but really good luck at thrift stores. Don't ask me to explain how that works.

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