Jul 11, 2011

to continue the swashbuckling pirate theme

I'm still alive, honest. I volunteer at my county's Fair, which begins this week. It basically eats my life from the preparations in the middle of June to its end next Sunday.

So, back to pirates. I've been watching an interesting pirate/privateer TV show. It's well worth watching, and very child-friendly, as is most '50s TV. It's such a non-violent pirate show, it's slightly hysterical.

The theme song makes me laugh- one line goes "You'll be walking the plank, sir!" They're such polite pirates.
That's the beginning of knitty's Pretty Twisted cuff , if you're curious. Very fun to knit- I'd never tried linen stitch before. Unfortunately, it's in the frog pile because my wrist was larger than I thought it was.
Goodness gracious me. This is the first knitted thing on this allegedly knitting blog.

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