Aug 9, 2011

I now bring you something I got distracted by

I've been lurking through Pinterest. I really don't like the general vibe, it's a bit tooth-grindingly 'let's-try-to-be-stylish-but-ignore-real-life-options'. Sort of a cross between Family Fun and Martha Stewart-  stuff looks cool but is so perfectly Photoshopped it all looks fake. A good thirty percent is headshots of celebrities with gushy comments. There are very few good comments, just I WANT THAT or SO HAWT!  Ignorance of common literary quotations is in abundance. Man, bashing that site really got me out of my funk for a bit there.

However. I saw this (left photo), which I actually could make, given the amount of thrift/antique stores in my town. Extensive backtracking brought me to the Maker's site, which I helpfully provide below. I have never seen a more steampunky chest of drawers.  It would also go well with my Yarn Chest/ Window Seat, right.

Mine. All mine.

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