Aug 14, 2011

the never-ending chicken eye infection saga

So. Long version, don't expect a short one: Helmet died because of an eye infection, which Trilby seems to have contracted. Keep your fingers/toes/knitting needles crossed that it's not coryza, which is kind of/sort of like the dog malady parvo for chickens. I should know by the end of the week if it is bleeping ******. And of course I've had a long-planned Expedition to Boston this week, so the chickensitter will have to earn her keep. arrrrrg.

She (Trilby) has been sitting in my lap quite comfortably (attention sponge!) most of the afternoon watching basic cable with me. I flipped past Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and she got all excited. Bright colors/fast moving shapes caught her interest, I guess. So we watched that. I have never seen a more inane and at the same time hysterical show.

Oh. Knitting. Right- I started Pomatomus last night (and finished Wuthering Heights, but that's a whole 'nother post). I fished two balls of a blue variegated thingy out of the Yarn Trunk, so we'll see if that works. Pretentious much for my first pair of socks?

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