Sep 3, 2011

Free Pattern Friday: fangorn forest

ETA 9/4 to add 2 more rows of Seed Stitch on the flap before beginning decreases.
Technically it's Saturday, I know. Don't expect this on a regular basis, people.

I was rereading some of my blog posts (as narcisstic me is wont to do) and I realized that many of my posts are Very Grumpy Indeed. So, here is a small Fun Happy Thing!

Fangorn Pocket Pouch (ravelry link)

A small pouch to hide your secrets, as Fangorn hid the Ents...
Yarn: Any browns and greens, really. Scraps/mini balls will do. The larger pouch is Caron Simply Soft and some random acrylic, while the smaller is Patons' Worsted and full 'o sheep.
Needles: I used US 6.
Gauge: Dosen't matter.

CO 14, leaving a longish tail of at least a foot to sew up at the end.
Rib in K2 P2 for 5 inches, ending on a wrong side row and leaving another longish tail to sew up the other side later.
Seed Stitch in green (K1, P1) 8 rows.
You will now begin the decreases: K1, P3TOG, (K1,P1) to the last four stitches, K3TOG, P1.
1 row Seed Stitch.
Work the above two rows one more time, for a total of two repeats.
Buttonhole Row: P1, K1, P1, make one, yarnover, K1, P1, K1.
K1, P3TOG, K3tog, P1.
1 row Seed Stitch.
K2TOG, cut yarn, pass yarn through rem. st.
Decide which side you like best.
Pass yarn tail through buttonhole for a cleaner look, and weave in on wrong side.
Sew up sides, slap the button on and enjoy!

Keep in mind this is my very first pattern, and I'm the only test knitter. Rant/rave/ask for help at misskbros AT gmail DOT com.

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