May 18, 2011


The very first crafty thing on this blog needs to be something suitably epic. It will also give you a taste of my obscure sense of humor.

This is my wampa from Bonnie Burton's The Star Wars Craft Book.

He is not the most splendiferous example of his kind.

HOWEVER, his distantly related cousin, Wampa the Second, had a much better photoshoot.

He also has a special feature.
     I rarely make things the same way twice. Wampa the Second was a surprise for a dear friend where I pulled out all the stops.
     His horns have pipe-cleaners inside, so they're somewhat poseable.
     I added arm 'caps' to integrate the arms a bit more and hide the removeable arm by whipstitching a shallow half-circle over the arms.  
     And, of course (true to ESB) the arm comes off.
     Velcro is the bane of my existence. I violently dislike Velcro. It has its uses and places, but hand-sewing it on is Not Fun At All.
     I like the fuzzy side- the fuzzy side behaves like a gentle pet lamb, or perhaps a kitten. "Oh, you need me to behave? Okay! I will be good, and kind, and let you violently stab me with a pointy thing, because it is for the Good of Humanity and behaving will keep you sane! I love you, O crafter!"
     The loopy side. Oh, the loopy side. It is not a kitten or a fuzzy lamb. It is more like an angry bull, or one of those gigantic sea unchins people step on in Australia. "Behave? Ha! Make my day, weakling crafter! Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Loopy Side!"
     The Velcro was defeated and attached successfully with the destruction of the second Death Star in the final battle, but the armcaps were me covering up my partial loss because it refused to behave in a non-saggy fashion. Red Velcro is commercially availabe, but I used a red fabric marker and white Velcro because I happened to have both on hand, although I'm sure a red Sharpie would work just as well. I'd use a larger piece of Velcro if I ever made one again, and hot-glue-gun it on.
     And yes, my friend did love him, which made the Velcro worth it.

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