Jun 11, 2011

gah and Whee! Also a lamp.

My rather insane life really gets in the way of Actual Writing and Crafting.
However, I have been published! In my town's obscure Lit Mag, true, but still published.
It was a very short steampunk story, if you're wondering. More like a micro-story- almost 3 pages.

Today was Day 1 of my town's town-wide garage sale. The coolest thing I bagged was a lamp, which is currently sitting in the garage being taken apart and fixed. It's similar to this lamp and another I own, except mine is blue.
Tulip Hanging Slag Glass Fixture, The Queen of Re, flickr
 The word blue triggered my obscure sense of humor, which is even obscurer today:

Okay. Got that out of my system.

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