Jun 27, 2011

miscellany at the museum

So, I realized I never set up the comments, because my blithe mind said "You can leave comments on pretty much all blogs, so the comment feature must be automatically set up!"

Yeah. No, Kay. No.

Now that's all squared away and we can get to the exciting things! Such as a really good shake.

I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Saturday, and my mind was blown, as it always is.

 I spent a lot of time in my favorite wings (sections? departments?), Arms & Armor and Egypt, which I have loved since my first visit at five. The Temple of Dendur is my absolute favorite thing in the entire building.

I dearly loved the Frank Lloyd Wright room. There was an interview in last week's TIME where a pretty famous architect said "Architecture is a dangerous job. If a writer makes a bad book, eh, people don't read it. But if you make bad architecture, you impose ugliness on a place for a hundred years." I heartily agree (says the daughter of two architects). That room was amazing, seeing how Lloyd played with light and spaces instead of reading about it/pictures.

Only four pictures of the museum, because I had some difficulty taking good ones. There were a lot of people, the light was wonky, I was busy looking this time instead of taking pictures, and ad infinitum ad nausaem. I took almost two hundred pictures, but most were very blurry. I don't do much to my pictures, aside from occasionally cropping and even more rarely playing with the saturation. Two of the pictures below were tweaked, which is probably a new record for me.
From top left clockwise: Temple of Dendur pillars; Dendur detail; Tiffany necklace; ferry ride. 

This brings me to a totally unrelated topic. The amount of fabric, new and old in this house is astonishing. I collect scarves, shawls, and handkerchiefs, which tend to be vintage. Right now they all fit in a drawer, but they're certainly not doing anyone any good in there and I'm never going to wear certain pieces. 

So, I made a pillow. This is an elderly silk Puerto Rico souvenir scarf with a scrap of also-elderly canvas.

From top left clockwise- mate of original pillow w/3x5 photo for scale; seam detail; front; back.

It's all whipstitch, no turning. None of this seam-on-the-wrong-side-flip-it-over buisness. It was quite easy, but used up all my patience to get the edges stright and aligned properly. I centered the flower on the back and pinned the rum bottles in the corners down, then flipped the pillow over, folded the edges down lengthwise, pinned the scrap of canvas down, then folded widthwise over the whole shebang and whipstitched my heart out. I'm fond of how the whipstitch looks- to me it recalls the tiny stitches in the scarf's rolled edges.

Sorry about the wonky pictures- the silk is so sheeny my camera is having a hard time catching colors accurately.

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