Aug 15, 2011


I've been reading a lot about 365 Projects, where people take a photo a day for a year. Major props to them, but I am way too distractable to carry that through.

So, I have started my very own Fifty-Two Project, wherein I shall not-very-solemmly half-promise to take a picture a week and stick it on this blog. I can handle that, right?

Here we go:

Looks fake, don't it? There was a patented Torrential Downpour here in Jersey last night. I toook this during a lull near sunset, when the clouds and the light were changing by the milisecond.

1 comment:

pinkundine said...

Gorgeous picture, very moody :)

I tried to do a 30 day photo challenge (with themes for each day). I think I made it just over a third of the way through before getting distracted ;)